Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sergey is FREE!!

It was with great relieve and joy I spoke with Sergey Shavtsov on the phone yesterday. After ten days crumbed into a crowded prison cell, he was very happy to walk around freely.
At the release on Monday 11 a.m, his wife, Dina, and a group of friends showed up to greet him with white and red flowers and some presents. Sergey reassured me that nothing has changed in his commitment to his fight for religious freedom in Belarus. "We will win this battle" was his last quote.
Please pray for him and his wife Dina. Dina has up till now had a steady work for a TV station, but now she has quit in order to give her full attention to the more important issues of the law; freedom for every one to exercise their faith! We need them in this battle!


Saturday, April 01, 2006

Focus Belarus

Here is the first posting on the Focus Belarus blog. We will try to make this blog a place where you can come and find interesting information, background material and news from Belarus. So long...